A downloadable game for Windows

Use the ships stun charge to disable enemy ships and hurl them into one another. Utilise your skills to defeat the boss!


W, A, S, D - Move ship

Mouse - Aim

Right Mouse - Activate Stun

Left Mouse - Grab Enemy Ships

Shift+Left Mouse - Fire Enemy Ships

F1 - Toggle Fullscreen


  • Charge your stun by dodging enemy bullets
  • Release a charged attacked that stuns enemies
  • Grab stunned enemies and fire them into their comrades and the area boss
  • Use your charge to deflect bullets
  • The more charge you have, the longer enemy ships are incapacitated
  • Stay close to the bullets but don't let them hit you! This is how you charge your stun attack

*Didn't have time to do any audio so please supply some heavy bass to accompany your Stun Funning experience

Install instructions

Executable file - Please choose the "nw" application file to play. Please comment should you have any trouble playing this game


StunFunner_GMTK2018_v2.zip 57 MB


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Fun game, cleverly implemented. I look forward to seeing what it becomes!